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巴黎HEC新闻: Teams: How to Develop Feelings of Safety and Social Ties
A research paper on leadership and management written by Professor Mathis Schulte.  In a team, where does the feeling of safety come from, and how do social ties between team members form? Acc ....
巴黎HEC新闻: 巴黎 HEC 商学院将推出中文版学术论文
巴黎 HEC 商学院高级经理教育项目十分高兴地宣布,我们将推出中文版的研究专刊。 Knowledge@HEC 展示了巴黎 HEC 商学院全体教员的尖端研究及商业见解。这些学术论文旨在挑战新观念, ....
巴黎HEC新闻: Strategic Experimentation: Observing Others to Determine Behavior
A research paper on business strategy written by Professor Dinah Rosenberg and Professor Nicolas Vie ....